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July 25th Opening of the Jamboree. Arrival and settlement of the International Staff, General Headquarters Services and Subcamp Headquarters. Sanctification.
July 26-31th Arrival and settlement of the foreign delegations

Include daily swimming and nautical training.





Thursday, August 1st   7.00 p.m. Official Opening Ceremony. Commencement of the 11th World Jamboree is announced.
Friday, August 2th Marathon Race. Laying of wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Athens Labours of Hercules - Scout knowledge competition games "Talent-O-Rama". Scout spontaneousness spectacle. Sports. National Exhibitions Inaugurations. Entertainment around the Subcamp Fires
Saturday, August 3rd Wide Game for the acquaintance of all campers Labours of Hercules, Talent-O-Rama. Sports. Y.C.B. (Youth Crhistian Brotherhood) members meeting. Philatelists meeting. Amusement Fires by groups
Sunday, August 4th Religious ceremonies. "Greek Day" organized by the Greek delegation. National Dances 20.00 p.m. Special appearance of the Lyceum of Girls of Greece at the amphitheater.
Monday August 5th Classic Athletics, Triathlon, Labours of Hercules, Sports. Triathlon preliminaries. Talent-O-Rama 20.00 p.m. Triathlon finals at the amphitheater.
Tuesday, August 6th Labours of Hercules, Sports. Meeting of Greek "king's Scouts" and foreign scouts of corresponding rank. The "king of the Hellenes" visits the Jamboree and attends the Grand Nation Parade (entrance with invitations only)  
Wednesday, August 7th Labours of Hercules, Sports. Talent-O-Rama. Sports. Cub Scouts of Athenian Packs visit the Jamboree. 20.00 p.m. Grand celebration at the Panathenaiko Stadium.
Thursday, August 8th Sea Scout exhibitions. Labours of Hercules. Sports. Talent-O-Rama. Meeting of leaders-holders of the "Wood Badge" degree. 20.00 p.m. National Exhibitions at the amphitheater.
Friday, August 9th Sea Scout exhibitions. Labours of Hercules. Sports. Talent-O-Rama, Sports. 20.00 National Exhibitions at the amphitheater
Saturday, August 10th Labours of Hercules. Sports. Talent-O-Rama, Sports. 20.00 National Exhibitions at the amphitheater
Sunday, August 11th Religions ceremonies. Sports 19.00 p.m. Closing Ceremony at the amphitheater. The termination of the 11th World Jamboreeis announced. Announcement of the country that will host the 12th World Jamboree (USA).  


August 12-25th The delegations visit the Archaelogical and Tourist attractions of Greece