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Olave, Lady Baden-Powell, widow of the founder of
Scouting, World Chief Guide and Honorary Vice-President
of the boy Scouts World Committee, paid a two-day visit to
the Jamboree on the final week-end. At he closing ceremony
addressing the Scouts of the World, Lady Baden-Powell said:

"I want to coin a new word for you to remember;
the word is "welgo". Go well now on your way, carrying
with you the light of Scouting like the Marathon torch,
and work well, play well, and spread the ideal of Scouting
as far as you possibly can.
We trust you Scouts of the World to help bring about the
reign of peace and goodwill in all the world. Welgo to you all!"


After the Jamboree song had been sung, Camp Chief
Rann Alexatos, led all present in renewing their Scout Promise.
After the formal announcement that the 12th World Jamboree
would take place in the United States in 1967, the lighted torched
got passed through to the hands of three members of the Boy
Scouts of America.


A last entry on the Jamboree diary.


The tents go down, the backpacks bags are filled.


It's a long way home for most.


"Wherever we belong my brother
And here we go on our way
Plough and sow and reap and gather
Waste not a single day -
Until the evening twilight deepens
And our paths wild slowly home,
Dreaming of happier days before us,
Back to our folk we come."

(From the "Camp Fire Song of the 11th World Jamboree",
music by Manos Hatzidakis, words by Tottie Constantoulis)


For the last time the trilogy of the flags
flew over the plain of Marathon.