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Hellenic Scouting

Scouting is   The SEP
Training for life
Scouting completes the education that Family and School provide. Scouting develops self-activity and the frame for learning and acquisition of new experiences. Boy Scouts discover the world outside the classrooms. The grown-up leaders teach them and give them usefull skills.

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A movement for the young
Scouting is a movement ... in constant development and progress. It evolves and adapts to the conditions of the Society which it also serves, according to local needs.

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An International Movement
There are Scouting Organizations, recognized by the World Scouting Bureau, operating in more than 150 countries.

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A movement that expands constantly
Since its foundation in 1906, Scouting grows constantly and expands in the whole World. Currently there are more than 16 million Scouts, boys and girls. Scout members doubled over the last 20 years. A great part of this augmentation took place in the developing countries. Recently, Scouting started re-operating in the countries where it had been banned 60-70 years ago.

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Open to all
Scouting is open and accepts everybody, regardelesss of religion, race or color according to the Goal, the Principles and the Scout Method as those were instituted by the Founder, Robert Baden-Powell.

The Founder of Scouting, Sir Robert Baden-Powell

The Founder of Scouting Sir Robert Baden-Powell with Scouts at the Imperial Jaboree, London 1924 (foto courtesy Pine Tree Web).

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Volunteer Movement
Entering and staying in the Scout Movement is an act of freewill. Each one takes responsibilities and charges because he wishes so.

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Entertainment with a goal
Through its entertaining and interesting schedule, Scouting achieves its goal, which is to contribute to the evolvement of the moral, mental, natural and social abilities of the young boys and girls, in order for them to become useful and trustable citizens, conscious of their wider mission as members of the local, national and international society.

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Challenge for the elder as well
It's a chance that young people get and proves helpful for their lives. It's a way of living that can efficiently improve the relations between generations so that mutual understanding is achieved. The elder in Scouting get trained and obtain useful experiences for their individual improvement and evolvement.

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Non-political movement
Scouting is neither representing nor connected to any political party or organization. Scouts are encouraged to constructively participate and take part in activities of the society they live in.

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An educational method:
with a personal commitment
- in a behavioral code: the Scout Oath and Law
were learning comes through practice
- self-learning, active participation, collective work
with operation in small workgroups
- in the friendly company of their age-mates, the Patrol, children develop leading capabilities and collective dexterities that require collaboration and responsibility.
with attractive schedules
- of progressing activities, based on the youth's needs. Activities taking place mostly in nature that offers a favorable environment for observation and learning. Nature combines simplicity with creation, contains the unexpected, the new, elements that excite kid's desire to explore and enjoy them in joyful adventures.

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Way of life :
With a mental dimension
- Self-commitment for the quest of mental value beneath the material world.
With a social dimension
- Participation in the evolution of the society, respect of human dignity and integrity of natural environment. Promotion of peace, understanding and cooperation among the people.
With a personal dimension
- Development of the feeling of personal responsibility and responsible, liberal expression of opinions .

The Soma Hellinon Proskopon (SEP, Boy Scouts of Greece) was founded under Law 1066 of 1917. It is a Personal Rights Institution, has a commonwealth character, is supervised by Hellenic Ministry of Education and is based in Athens. It is administered by the Administrative Council that is elected every five years by the General Assembly of the Institution. The General Assembly has a national representation.

National Headquarters

The goal of SEP is to provide extracurricular activities to boys and girls of Greek origin by means of application of the "Scouting System" - that contributes in the formation of moral characters - and offering of physical education mainly through collective activities, life in the outdoors, and skill games with educative context, as this is defined by the Constitution and the Laws.

A sketch of the Founder

SEP operates since 1910 in the whole of the Greek dominion and in many Hellenic communities abroad. It occupies children 7 to 19 years old, divided in three branches, according to their age: The Cub Scouts (7-10 years old), the Boy Scouts (11-14 years old) and the Explorers (15-19 years old). All three branches operate under the supervision and the responsibility of trained grown-up volunteer staff that guides them to discover their ascents and interests and enlighten their sense of cooperation and responsibility. The Scouting Program encourages spontaneousness and the active participation in the administration of the groups the kids belong in.

SEP is continuously present since 1910 and has offered a lot to the Hellenic society. During the national struggles, at the destruction of Asia Minor, during the two World Wars, in the Middle East, during the National Resistance and at the Cypriot tragedy, Boy Scouts of Greece gave their best -even their lives- for our Homeland. Follow this link to read more about the History of Scouting in Greece.

Olderly Scouts

Greek Scouts have served and still serve the society. Whenever and wherever there's a need: In earthquakes, fires, at the villages of the border, to the impoverished child. The Nation has recognised their services and has repeatedly honored the Scouts. Today, SEP with it's 25.00 members, is the largest and oldest of all Greek youth movements. Thousands of friends and parents participate actively in the Social Sympathy Comittees and, along with the Older Scout Unions, support and help the work accomplished at the Scout Units.

Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Sea Scout, Leader

SEP is a contemporary movement for today's youth - tomorrow's citizens. It embraces all current problems of the youth. The State, the local and other authorities, depend on the presence of the Scouts and accept their suggestions on matters that deal with the youth. Suggestions on subjects like education, unemployment, drugs and nature protection.

Boy Scout figure

With the work it's presenting, SEP, looks forward with optimism and continues its activities with great anticipation, with the faith and the enthousiasm of its Members.

Scouts learn: Scouts care for:
To actively participate in finding solutions to the problems of the community they live in

To cooperate in the society in order to accomplish common goal and interests

To participate in collaboration programs with Scouts from developing and developed countries for the general good of the planet

  • the obtainment of social skills
  • the education in family life
  • the dominance of peace
  • the vocational rehabilitation of the young
  • the rights and obligations of the young
  • the improvement of the way of living
  • the health of the children
  • the adaptation of people that need special care
  • the prevention against drugs
  • the illiteracy
  • the aid to the refugees
  • the protection of nature
  • the reforestation
  • the preservation of energy sources

The Hellenic Scout Oath

"On my honor I promise,
To serve my duty
To God and my Country,
To help every Man
And in any occassion
And to obey the
Scout Law "

Scout in Oath

The Scout Law

1. A Scout is truthful and keeps his word.
2. A Scout is worthy and trustful, obedient and keeps the law.
3. A Scout is useful to his family and the community.
4. A Scout is friendly and polite to all and a brother to every Scout.
5. A Scout respects himself and others, is careful of his words and actions.
6. A Scout loves nature and protects the environment.
7. A Scout is cheerful and optimistic.
8. A Scout is thrifty and makes good use of his time.
9. A Scout is industrious and progresses using his skills.
10. A Scout is determined, brave and confident and takes responsibility for his actions.