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Biulding the future, today

Preparing the new generation for the 21st century

Scouting, a Youth Movement, is a sensible sensor of the needs and expectations of the young. Always ready to contribute, by application of the Scouting Method, to the individual development of the youth, their entrance and active participation in the society, Scouting has it's own attractive educational suggestion. "To prepare the new generation for the 21st century"

Today, close to an era close to appear, the contemporary and powerful Scout Movement, envisioning a higher quality life and society, responsibly presents its opinions to the new generation and offers to more young and adults the chance to join the scout life and become happy, active and useful people.

We are preparing the new generation for the future:

  • By promoting it's evolvement
  • By contributing to the development of a moral and mental value system,
  • By encouraging activities in nature, as much as possible and
  • By offering the chance for a positive relation with the adults.

We are preparing the society of the future:

  • By keeping the youth informed,
  • By offering education and correct operation of Democracy,
  • By taking the equal opportunities to everyone in effect and
  • By creating a communication relation among all young people

We are preparing the World of the future:

  • By assisting the youth to overcome the obstacles detering their mobility
  • By contributing to the formation of efficient future leaders
  • By building bridges of friendship inside and outside the borders.

We are preparing the boys and girls, today's youth:

  • We the Scouts, contribute to the development of the new people, by understanding their problems and expectations for the life that's ahead of them and belongs to them.

We have the wan, the will and the enthousiasm to do it.