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With the word "Jamboree" the founder of the Scout movement, Lord Baden-Powell wanted to name the grand National and International Scout Camps, these merry gatherings where Scouts from every place of the world get to meet each other.

The idea of the realization of such periodical International Camps in the pattern of the Olympic Games was expressed by the unforgettable Kokos Melas, General Chief of the Boy Scouts of Greece, during the First International Scout Conference, in 1918, in England.

Baden-Powell adopted the Greek suggestion with great enthusiasm and the First World Jamboree took place in London in 1920 in a huge construction of an exposition bearing the -symbolic for the Jamboree- name "Olympia" (the place where Olympic Games were born in Ancient Greece). Since then, with the exception of the World War II period, World Jamborees take place every four years.

The World Jaborees are joyful meetings of thousand of Scouts from different countries in the world. The purpose of Jamborees is to give Scouts the opportunity to get acquainted with each other and exchange experience and ideas as well as to tighten the friendship ties in a true brotherhood atmosphere.

At the World Jamborees, Scouts from all over the world give way to language difficulties, different lifestyles, climatic and trophic idiosyncracies and build friendly relations, revive the ideals of global understanding and unity and return to their homelands carrying the message of spreading those ideals in their national boundaries.

At the World Jamborees, children develop their energy and craftsmanship. They also develop the sense of courteous competition for the making of fine constructions decorated with national elements and for competitive games that along with joy, exalt the practical application of scouting knowledge and spontaneousness.

In those ways, the World Jamborees make precious contributions to Scouting's effort to create the ideal world of moral, spiritual and material progress that rises from global cooperation.