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Saluting ScoutThe Scout Group 2 of Patras, Greece welcomes you to PROSKOPOS (greek for scout), a WWW publication devoted to Hellenic Scouting. Come live with us to the Rythm of a Fascinating Life ... To the rythm of the largest youth movement in Greece and the planet.

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What is Scouting? The "Soma Hellinon Proskopon" (aka SEP, Boy Scouts of Greece) What Scouts do, what they learn, what they care about. Our Goal and our Principles, the Scout method for training the youth, our Oath and Law.

Building the future, today Preparing the new generation for the 21st century . SEP's official position on how, once more, "we build the future, today".

A chronical of the Saint George, the Patron Saint of Scouts history of Scouting in Greece. The birth of Hellenic Scouting, Golden Jubilee of Greek Scouts and its course through the years. The activities of Greek Scouts during the Balcan Wars and the World Wars. The tragic massacre of the Greek Boy Scouts in Asia Minor in 1919, and the post-occupational "Self-Birth" of Hellenic Scouting. The commemorative Golden Jubille stamps series.

The 11th World Jamboree, Marathon, Greece 29/7-16/8/1963
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11th Jamboree Emblemto the 11th Jamboree (international scout camp) that took place in our country (Marathon, Attica) in 1963. The schedule, the roll call, the campsite, the sub-camps, and note-worthy information. The commemorative 11th Jamboree stamp series from EL.TA. (hellenic posts).
A collection of 90 greyscale graphs (40-80 kB each) from the 11th World Jamboree, divided in 11 categories. Thumbnail index to each category in first page. Golden Leaves of MarathonThe unforgettable days of Marathon 1963 revive in these pages for all those that had the luck to be there and for those that have only heard so much. The material is taken from the commemorative album "Golden Leaves of Marathon" , a 1964 publication of SEP.

The third and smallest unit of the Scout Group, the Explorer Post Exploringis at the same time the unit with the most substantial offering mission. It consists of boys and girls 15-19 years old and the cornerstone of its operation is the Synod. How Explorers work: The Administration Group and the Work Groups.
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How we are. Our glorious past, our dynamic present. Our camps. Photographs from our activities. The meeting schedule for older members of Explorer Post 2. Our current activities schedule. Archive of older activities schedules.

Our hometown, Patras. The history of the city since The Lighthouse, once at Patras' portits formation. Sights: The Castle, the Ancient Odeum, Saint Andrew's cathedral, the Achaia Claous distillery, Patras' International Festival, Patras' Carnival. Our tradition in shadow play theatre (Karagkiozis), in "rembetika" songs and Scouting.

Patras 1900A collection of photographs of Patras in the 1900s . Painted old post cards depict the squares, the streets, the port of an uncharted city of Patras. From the book "Patras 1900".

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Scouting and Internet. Objects controvesial by definition. Our opinion on how they can coexist and collaborate.


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