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The following tribute to the 11th World Scout Jamboree of 1963, was created in May and June 2009 for "Proskopos" (www.proskopos.com), the web place of Scout Troop 2 of Patras, Greece, with respect and love to the greatest scout event ever hosted in our country.

The tribute is based on the material of two 8mm films shot during the Jamboree at Marathon, in August 1963. Most certainly, during some unknown period of time, the film images were transfered to VHS by recording of their optical projections during normal playback. An important part of the quality of the image was lost during that initial transfer. Having obtained the VHS tape with the -historic today- footage, we re-recorded the contrents to hard disk and edited the video images using special digital filters (remastering). The original Greek commentary voice was translated and subtitles were added to the films. The final result was compressed to allow for internet playback.

Selected scenes from the 2 documentaries were used to author 2 additional video clips of the Jamboree song, in the familiar tune of Academy Award-winning composer Manos Hatzidakis. The first clip includes the Greek-language lyrics written by Nikos Gatsos and sang by the Childrens Chorus of the Palace, which is the original version that appeared in the official 45 RPM Jamboree record back in 1963. The second version presents a widely unknown version, in Italian, written for and sung by the delegation of Italian Boy Scouts in the 11th World Jamboree.

Whether you are a Scout or not, we hope you will enjoy each one of the 50 minutes of Scouting history that follow. If you participated in the Jamboree, it is possible that you may identify yourself in one the humdreds of Scouts captured in the films.

Travel back to the historic valley of Marathon, in August 1963, and listen to the motto of 14,000 Boy Scouts: "Scout always Higher, always wider..."

Konstantinos "Peacock" Dassios
Patras, June 2009


11th World Scout Jamboree - Official Review

Documentary on the main Jamboree activities and everyday life: Parades, exchanges, world leader's messages to participating Scouts, visits, campfires, the festivity at the Panathenian Stadium, Closing ceremony.

Producer: Greek Government, Ministry to Prime Minister, General Secretariat of Press and Information

Year: 1963
Duration: 20 minutes

"Higher and Wider"

The film presents Scout's Dimitris life at the Jamboree. The arrival of international delegations, the settlement and convenience constructions, the ceremonies, sea activities, cooking, the Labours of Hercules, the parades, visit at the Parthenon, the festivity at the Panathenian Stadium.

Producer: Paramount

Year: ? (1964+)
Duration: 28 minutes

ิhe Song of the Jamboree

(exact translation from Greek)

We set off from the edge of the world
like spellbound spring birds
And, one dawn, we built our nest
at Marathon's deserted waterside.

Jamboree, Jamboree
sea and pine, soil and mountain
Jamboree, Jamboree
someday we will reach the sky.
Jamboree, Jamboree
in the celebration that life goes by
Jamboree, Jamboree
we will always climb higher.

Full of youth and light, we promised to
bring happiness and hope to the world,
and, altogether, we longingly stood
to drink from love's fountain.


Canto dell'XI Jamboree
(The Jamboree Song in Italian)

Col mio vecchio zaino e la dolce chitarra,
con la mia canzone ho attraversato il mar,
ho lasciato a casa il lavoro, gli affanni,
son venuto qui i fratelli ad incontrar.

Col cuore pieno di gioia di vivere,
affratellati da un unico ideal
da ogni parte arrivano qui gli scouts
portando a tutti una grande felicita.

Jamboree Jamboree
oggi a Maratona s'ode una canzon.
Jamboree Jamboree
tutti uniti cantano gli scouts cosi.(2v)
La la la la...

Con i fratelli che aspettan nel campo
il nostro sguardo laggiu si comprendera
domani certo su tutta la terra
un solo canto di gioia si sentira.


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