Explorer Post 2 Shield


When, on October 15th, 1996, we published in the World Wide Web the First Greek Scouting Website under the title "Explorer Post 2 of Patras, Greece", we tried to promote the Hellenic Scout Movement under the widest constant exhibition on earth.

At that time, in an attempt to convince you that a movement with activities in the natural -mostly- environent can and must tune up with the advances in the most lifeless field of computer communications, we expressed our position that "Scouting, like any healthy social cell, couldn't stand indifferent in front of this hot and modern subject" and also that "the computers should only be tools in the hands of people".

It was a successful attempt. Since then, with an feeling of satisfaction we have seen our example to have found followers from all over Greece. Today, the greek scouting websites are so many that our positions need no furthet support.

Here at the Second Explorer Post of Patras, we valuated the quality and the result of the communication that Internet offers. This year, in an effort to promote the Hellenic Scout Movement in a more extensive way, we decided to expand our presence purchasing our own domain name and Internet space.

We have permanently camped at the address proskopos.com from where we proudly present "Proskopos" (greek for scout), an edition that desires to globally promote the Hellenic Scout Movement, emphasizing on the scouting ideals and the scouting traditions of our nation. This is our goal and we intend to accomplish it by presenting material that points out the history, the advances and the current character of Greek Scouting.

Taking advantage of Internet's facilitations, we were able to accomplish another goal of ours: To bring together the Greek Scouts from all over the world. We created the "Greek Scouts Mailing List", a common e-mail address whose recipients are Greek Scouts. With members from Greece, England and America, the "List" is the only greek electronic scout company and grows daily.

If we helped Scouting on the Internet to become an ordinary sight, last year, this year we can use our experience to make specific suggestions about how we can promote the diachronic Scouting ideals we believe in, through the Internet.

We present our opinions:

  • We can extend our offering of extracurricular education and life-away-from-the-cities in more young people, by advertising the scouting game through the Internet

  • We can contribute to world peace, bringing the nations together through the acquaintance and the development of friendly relations with Scouts from other countries, that Internet offers.

  • We can teach the youth to use the modern technology correctly so as to avoid the occupation with it being unilateral

  • We can break down the distance problems and optimize our communication by working collectively, yet apart.

  • We can improve our program by communicating and exchanging ideas with Scouts from all over the world.

Sunday, November 9th, 1997
For the 2nd Scout Group of Patras

Konstandinos G. Dassios, "Peacock"
f. Leader of the Exlorer Post