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Just like the phoenix, the symbolic fowl that was established on SEP's emblem, is (according to tradition) reborn from its own ashes, Hellenic Scouting revived after the liberation of the greek lands from the Occupational Forces. An astonished population celebrated at the sight of the Greek Scouts parading in full organization during the Grand Parade of October 28th, 1944.

At the same time, the Seagoing Scouts, that had just arrived from abroad, assumed duties of organizing and nursing the victims at the ports were warships of the Greek Fleet arrived.

In November 1944, "Boy Scouts of Greece" got officially refounded and Antonios Benakis formed the Executive Board. From end to end in Greece, intensive labor started for the reconstruction of the Troops, the Headquarters, the Local Liaisons. A massive turn-out of the Hellenic youth to the classes of Scouting is noted.

Recreation efforts began with extreme labor and the State's solidarity. Finding material and shelter were the major concerns. At the same time, efforts for the organizational and administrative structure of SEP were made. The results turned out to be better than anyone expected. The reconstruction period ended in 1946 with the second (in series, but first in the post-war period) Panhellenic Scout Conference, in Athens, April 1946.